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Thread: Review: Mushkin ATI 4850 512Mb UltimateFX Video Card

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    Review: Mushkin ATI 4850 512Mb UltimateFX Video Card

    Check out a new Hardwareslave Review.. Thanks to Mushkin.

    Quite some time has passed since we had the chance to review new products from our friends at Mushkin. However today we have the chance to review one of their ATI 4850 graphic cards! I haven’t had the chance to read many reviews on their graphic cards, so I hope this article will correct that.

    Mushkin in the past has been mostly known to computer enthusiasts and overclockers for their high quality memory modules. Recently however, they have expanded their business in new and emerging fields. It’s nice to see that Mushkin in expanding their business in this year of worldwide economic crisis. They have started with ATI, but in two months they have expanded their product offering with nVidia based graphic cards! And all the while most other companies only complain about problems, Mushkin have been able to successfully enter a very competitive market and to release as always, high-quality product.

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    Re: Review: Mushkin ATI 4850 512Mb UltimateFX Video Card

    This review is not that much good, and I've seen better. And I must say that the author lacks in proper English!!
    O, wait.. I'm the author!:D
    Just joking, of course.

    Anyway I had fun writing the article. It took some time to try out all three graphic cards and to compile the bechmarks. And also to repeat some of the gaming scenes multiple times before I got the exact FPS values. FRAPS is really a time/life saver, since I was able to compile FPS results in no time.
    One last thing about the article. I haven't overclocked the graphic card too much. Although I've raised GPU/MEM clock frequencies by 15% and everything was rock-solid stable.
    I didn't want to raise it above 713/1128 MHz, since I don't have that much powerfull PSU in my computer. It's only Seasonic 430w, but what it lacks the most is native PCI-e 6 pin connector. So I had to power the card thought the molex connector. And I got friendly tip from one friend not to push it too much - if I don't want to 'fry' the card.

    That's it from me, I would love he hear some opinion on the article, since it has passed some time since I last wrote any review.

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