Which is a better vehicle, a Honda Civic, or a Ford F-150? The way I see it, this is a pretty poor question, because it compares two completely different products for two completely different markets. If you are looking for a compact, economical, reliable, and fuel efficient sedan that is fun to drive, you would buy a Honda Civic. If you are looking for a truck for work that can easily move lots of things around, can rock in the mud as well as it can tow a trailer up the mountain, you would buy a Ford F-150. As you can see, this is a classic case of expectation versus categorical error. No one would reasonably choose a Honda Civic over a Ford F-150 to make rounds at Home Depot; nor would anyone do the opposite because they wanted something small and easy to park. You will have to choose the one that comes in the correct form factor to meet your needs correctly. If you have been following APH Networks for the last little while, you will realize we have covered quite a number of audio products recently. This ranges from the excellent Audioengine A2+ powered desktop speakers, Func’s well received HS-260 gaming headphones, to Adesso’s own Xtream H2 Bluetooth wireless headset.