Alien Isolation was just released for PC and already many of you have asked us about which graphics card and power supply combo to choose so you can have the maximum gaming experience possible. Naturally since the new GeForce series was just released by NVIDIA our primary choice is the excellent GTX 970 model since it offers a much better price/performance ratio compared to its slightly faster and quite more expensive brother the GTX 980. As for which power supply to use well the GTX 970 is a very good graphics card across the board so although it surpasses almost every single GPU model in the market (aside the GTX 980) it hardly ever gets over 200W while gaming, still we do recommend getting at least an 650W model just to be on the safe side. Because of this today we will be focusing our efforts in testing one of the latest PSU models to hit the market the Pure Power L8 730W (L8-CM-730W) by be quiet!