BitFenix recently released Pandoras Box, yes we review the BitFenix Pandora Micro ATX chassis. A small affordable chassis solution fits big graphics cards, but houses even the smallest Micro-ATX (µATX), Mini-ITX form factor motherboards. Tagged with a 120 EURO price tag this chassis is locked and loaded with its crosshair aimed at gamers. Building a high-performance PC these days doesn’t require you to have have a massive big-tower. I mean sure, taste differs, but the trend ever since last year seems to be “smaller”. This is the reason why mITX form factor PCs have become so much more important. You could build a simple HTPC, but within that same small form factor you can also house a Z97 mini-ITX or Micro ATX motherboard with a Core i7 4790K processor, liquid cool that processor and then even add a GeForce GTX 980 Ti or Radeon HD 290X in there. That’s what Pandora’s box offers.