Hello all and welcome to this multi-part journey through my File/Home Server build. This is not intended as a ”How to ” or any sort of pre written guide so take the information in this article with a pinch of salt, and use at your own risk! (There is a forum thread for your own stories)

It’s a strange thing these days but one of the main technologies to filter into the home is a Home server or a NAS. It’s strange because the thing we were never supposed to need was a Cloud we can build and manage or Data Centre servers in our home. Well with all of the media products going virtual it is just the “thing” that pretty much every home will need.

Part 1


Home Server Build Part 2 – Core Components and Build

In Part 1 I looked at some of the many requirements and a few small details that dictated the components for the build. It is becoming clear that the specifications are overkill and pretty much future proof which suits me just fine, but you need to remember that this will not be a specification in line with some expectations of a Home Server, due to the use of desktop components, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

Since Part 1 was completed, I have also decided on a few other components, namely the motherboard, CPU, memory and cooler. As it stands I can start to assemble the core build and start a troubleshooting phase without storing files or streaming media, getting in the way of formatting and OS installing etc.

Part 2