In the hardware world we often concern ourselves with finding the right hardware to fit out builds. Searching for said hardware can often take us down some scary roads full of confusion and budget overruns. Of course our hardware quests don’t always stop with the PC and while Hardware Asylum may not review much in the mobile space that doesn’t mean we ignore our enthusiast roots.

As some of you know I take an annual trip to Taipei Taiwan for Computex which is one of the largest computer trade shows in the world. One problem that has plagued me over the years is connectivity. You see in the US I have an unlimited mobile data package but that goes away when I leave the country. I’m also one of the lucky ones to have a locked phone so there is no way for me to get a “local” TW number or data plan. Likewise, I have also been plagued with trying to I keep my social media updated while roaming the show floor. Sure they offer Wifi but, short of carrying one of my Asus tablets around there isn’t an easy way to photos from my DSLR to the internet.