Just after the Facebook acquisition of Oculus, the VR company has been on a hiring spree to acquire plenty of talent from all over the industry — like the VR expert Michael Abrash from Valve, the company that brought us Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, and the Team Fortress series.

Now, Oculus is adding one more to the list: Adrian Wong, the lead electrical engineer and senior hardware engineer of the Glass Explorer program from Google. His involvement in this program, as well as his ability to take an unfinished product and refine it to be ready for release, may have led Oculus to hire him. Mr. Wong said that he “[loves] the new team here and [is] so excited to be helping build what Michael Abrash is calling ‘The Final Platform’.” Wong’s LinkedIn profile apparently lists his job title as “Professional Daydreamer” at Oculus VR.