Fashion and style is a questionable topic, because it’s based on subjective opinion most of the time. I can say I like colors like red, black, and white, so any products I obtain must match those criteria; a shiny glass desk, motherboards with a black PCB, a sixty inch HDTV, a red Nokia Lumia 920, and the list goes on. But when my friend walks up to me, he or she would most likely have a very different preference; Subaru Forrester, a white phone, you know the drill. As for Psy, Gangnam Style is the name of the game. I don’t know about you, but personally speaking, Gangnam Style doesn’t sound very legitimate in my books, haha. Fashion and style obviously can be applied to anything such as clothing, music, and technology. What is interesting though is if you pick any one topic, there’s always some sort of trend for each. Clothes cover you up, cars get you to places, and computers help you work more efficiently. While its base function has not changed, the way the job is done has. Even as technology evolves over time, it generally still has the same purpose, albeit in a completely different manner. What we have here today at APH Networks is SilverStone’s very own SATA cables: the CP11.