The Silverstone EB01–E DAC is the companion product in both form and function to the SilverStone EB-03 headphone amplifier. Together, these two components make up the current SilverStone Ensemble Series audiophile grade audio components.

An external audio DAC is a computer peripheral that is aimed at an audiophile market with function of improving the PC audio quality. All modern PCs have an audio IC integral to the PC motherboard, so an external audio DAC is considered to be an upgrade to a PC system. However, there is an ongoing debate on just how good standard MP3 audio actually sounds when played at standard sampling rates, and higher quality audio formats such as FLAC exist to provide a higher quality sampling options. These formats require a high speed DAC and low noise audio for the best playback. The EB01-E goes one step further than a high speed audio DAC by offering additional digital inputs for standalone digital to analog conversion from an optical or coaxial digital audio source.