Overall Score 4.2  

Packaging & Contents

Anidees branding is low key but minimalist rather than boring. It’s not a flashy or over the top look, and continues to the chassis. The protective polystyrene is the harder type, which produces a lot of static when unboxing, but protects just as well as the softer type.

With the exclusion of the optical drive, the Anidees AI5S is shorter, and you can really tell. The Anidees AI5S has a tall look without being tall. A sizable square window will allow you to see most internal components, and without the optical cage, it’s unobstructed.

The Anidees AI5S has a clamp style of mount for the add-in cards, instead of thumbscrews. There are still screws holding your cards in, they are the PSU mounting screws, so you will still have a secure mount.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience