Overall Score 4.2  

Anidees continue their magnetic dust covers throughout the AI5S, apart from the PSU dust cover. The Anidees AI5S looks like a chassis that will support quite a few watercooling setups too, with a lot of different configuration options prepared on the top panel for starters.

The magnetic dust covers are easily removable, and do move around a little when handling the chassis. The dust covers are also set slightly into the chassis profile, giving a clean look.

Internal Shots

Internally, the Anidees AI5S presents an unobstructed main section, with the PSU and 3.5″ drive bays hidden under the lower chassis dividing shroud. Two 2.5″ storage mounts are placed on top of the PSU panel which are thumb screwed into place, and have the usual locating sliders.

There are enough cable and other panel holes for routing, though these do not have grommets. The chassis is made from steel and it’s finished well, with no sharp edges and the holes have a smooth edge. The motherboard standoffs are pre-installed by Anidees.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience