Overall Score 4.2  

Inside the main section, the Arctic Freezer i32 Semi Passive CPU cooler fits perfectly, and though partially down to the motherboard, is nicely in line with the exhaust fan. The internals are clean and unobstructed, and the overall size is big enough for most lengths of graphics cards, up to 340mm in fact.

The cable access holes on the motherboard tray are good for position and size, and will easily fit SSD power and data cabling for both drives. The stepped cable access panel works well, but you’re not going to get any watercooling tubing through it, expect it to only support various data cables. The ATX power cable was the limit for cable size in our build.


We’ll start with the negatives, though we only have one point to grumble about, the PSU and HDD section. This issue is very component dependant, so we can appreciate it’s going to impact some and not others. Our issue was caused by the EVGA 850W SuperNOVA G2 Modular PSU, specifically the PSU length and modular features. So, can we blame the chassis, mostly no, but the issue could have been helped by being able to slide the PSU in from the rear. This is an issue that impacts all chassis types like this, so for us, it’s not a critical issue, or a show stopper.

So, the positives? There’s plenty, and only the method of PSU/HDD installation cabling issue stopped the Anidees AI5S from being considered for an Editor’s Choice award. Everything is very well laid out, bolted together and finished. Its lack of optical drive and supporting chassis sections make this an easy build to get right, and with all its watercooling compatibility, it will probably keep you interested for years. It’s got good airflow, and basically a full size window so you can keep all your components cooled and on display.

The side and front panels may not feel like a NZXT H440’s panels, but the Anidees AI5S is almost half the price, and we doubt you’ll complain about the Anidees AI5S when you think about how much it costs compared to some of the other manufacturers. We’ve also had some positive comments from friends who have seen it in the flesh, though the chassis, not our test build! This little chassis will complement any build.

Anidees AI5S Windowed Mid-Tower Chassis

Component Compatibility
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