Overall Score 4.1  

Unboxed and you can see the full height complimented by the full height window. The doors are so tall Anidees felt the need to put four thumbscrews on each one. That should help with flex and vibration.

There’s a couple of cable ties, instructions and the usual screws etc, enough to get you going.

There are two PSU caddies, so either top or bottom installations, or both if you need them. There are three dust filters, PSU, front panel and the top panel.

Anidees AI8 Black

The top panel has a lot crammed in and includes a fan controller. Just a basic controller but this will get you going, and if the installed fans are too loud etc., you can turn them up and down as desired. The top dust filter is held in place by a thumbscrew and has a click action also. We felt the thumbscrew could be a little hard to reach when the system is built, but it keeps it firmly in place in the meantime.  

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience