Overall Score 4.1  

Internally the Anidees AI8 starts to show its potential. This is one of our favourite internal chassis areas to date and has a couple of unusual features. Firstly, there is a PSU velcro strap, just in case you are transporting the system a little more than usual, for example. Secondly, there is a plastic PSU supplementary mounting bracket in the top of the chassis. This gives a little more support for a top mounted PSU.

Anidees AI8 Black

There is also vertical expansion card slot next to the usual horizontal slots and a PSU blanking plate, with ventilation, if you are not installing a top PSU.

Anidees AI8 Black

The fan controller connection hub is at the back and well placed. The NZXT H440 has a connection point on the back panel as well, but its more central, and positioned away from the front fans. Anidees get this right in our opinion. The back panel also has a significant step in it, and the panel openings either have rubber grommets or are edged with a plastic material to prevent cable or hand damage.

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