Overall Score 4.1  

You can remove the top panel and the cabling, excluding the fans, for better access to the top for cleaning and installation purposes.

The drive caddie are removable, creating more room if needed. You can install 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives in the floor mounted caddie.

Anidees AI8 Black

Stripped and ready for action, the Anidees AI8 has a lot of potential and can truly accommodate top panel mounted water or AIO cooling hardware.

The Anidees AI8 is a water-coolers blank canvas, and with enough height in the top area to accommodate a PSU, you can get a couple of radiators in this chassis without too much of a problem. With the drive caddie removed, you can still install two 2.5″ drives on the back panel leaving the entire main section free for lots of configuration.

Component Compatibility
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