Overall Score 4.1  

Product Shots

Inkubus have some familiar names on the internal packaging and have included a good number of accessories. Included is a 16Gb USB card, some drive keys to lock your 2.5″ drives in the chassis and a WiFi antenna amongst other things.

Unpacked, the Inkubus 300µ is a very visually striking chassis, and it’s not only skin deep. Tagged “Your Personal Cube”, the Inkubus 300µ is a very small minimalist design personal computer that’s going to visually and physically fit anywhere. Inkubus state the Inkubus 300µ is “Small. Powerful. Quiet.

Inkubus 300µ mITX HTPC Personal Cube Chassis Review

It’s not going to take a four card SLi set up, but it wins all awards for style, it’s exactly the sort of design we like, now we just need to convince Inkubus to make an mATX chassis!

The chassis is hand constructed from wood, with metal and rubber parts to support certain functionality, like the back panel and floor fan mount. There are four built in drive bays which support 2.5″ drives, the SATA data cables are included. The Inkubus 300μ in this review is “Traffic White” Plexiglas 9H01 with black detailing such as the button surround, rubber and metal parts.

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