Overall Score 4.5  

We have built a lot of mITX chassis and always used an ATX PSU, not this time however. You will need to spend money on a SFX or SFX-L PSU. This shouldn’t hinder a gaming build, we are using a 500w SFX PSU, and there are 600w modular power supplies out there as well. Enough for an ITX AMD R9 380 or Nvidia GTX970 graphics card.

We are going to be using a 2GB Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Compact ITX OC graphics card, which we will also review shortly.

The side panels clip on, and they are very secure when attached. The panels could be swapped and the component side has some clean cut vents.

There is only one filter and it’s on the bottom of the chassis. You can also install a two slot card if required.

Lian Li have included some very chromed screws and bolts, storage grommets and a couple of cable ties. We always like to see more cable ties, but it is not really a detractor from the accessories included.

Interior Shots

The interior is really mostly just an empty space, and at this size of chassis, it really needs to be due to the tiny size of the chassis.

It’s clean and finished well, with quite a lot of options for such a small size. There are several storage options and if you do or don’t want a separate graphics card. The motherboard try is removable, though we didn’t need to for our build.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience