Overall Score 4.5  

We have the SSD, motherboard, optical drive, CPU/cooler, memory and the graphics installed at this point.

We found the best approach is to cable and route before attaching to the PSU, and you will need to face the prospect of not hiding most of your cables, but that’s the challenge! The CPU cooler cannot be taller than 60mm, with the VGA card and PSU lengths 170mm each.

Next, once the front panel connectors and cabling were in place, the PSU is installed. The 500W Silverstone SX500-LG Strider PSU came with cabling that was slightly longer than required, so there is some extra cable in this build. You could spend some time modding your cables to fit, and reclaim some airspace inside the chassis.

Lian Li PC-Q21

We cable tied minimally and tried to ensure nothing rubbed or was trapped. Overall the build looks very compact, but there’s enough space for airflow, only just however.

Component Compatibility
Consumer Experience