MicroCool Banchetto 101 Chassis Review

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When you think of computer chassis you will almost always think of an enclosed chassis. Also, you will more than likely try and balance looks, features, size and air flow. Well, there are some chassis out there that turn the norm on its head, for example the MicroCool Banchetto 101.

Who are MicroCool? They are not a name you would immediately think of when thinking about a new build. MicroCool are an Italian company currently offering three products, the Banchetto 101, Banchetto 103 and the Banchetto K, all open chassis.

The Banchetto 101 is branded an open chassis and this type of chassis is often used for custom builds, such as desk integrations or the core of a custom design. It is also used as a test rig, which is the context in which we are going to try and understand and test it. It will reflect the nature and intended use of the chassis but examine another aspect of an open chassis.

From the MicroCool website,

Banchetto 101 rev.3 Black Acrylic is Microcool’s answer for the most demanding Modders and represents a revolutionary change in the world of Open Cases. Its modular structure will allow easy access to all system components: Modding will be even easier and interesting! The new Banchetto 101 has an even more interesting design. Its compact structure can house up to 8 2.5”-hard disks and a water cooling system complete with a three-fan radiator. Banchetto 101 is exceptionally compact with all the newest components offered on the market and, specifically, with all standard motherboards.


• Light, compact and with a new, interesting design
• Completely modular
• More scratch-resistant
• Compatible with all standard motherboards
• Fast locking system for motherboards, VGA and PCI
• Maximum flexibility in integrating the liquid system
• Support for a 120mm or 140mm radiator with up to three fans
• Universal hook-up for pumps and tanks
• 120mm fan to cool the motherboard components
• Option of hosting up to 8 3.5”-hard disks
• Compatible with 2.5” SSD
• Maximum compatibility with ATX power supplies


Products Shots

Whats in the boxes? Well, lots really, MicroCool have included a good amount of screws and ‘things’.

The smaller of the two boxes has the hardware, fixtures and fittings. The picture above may look like optical bay blanks, but they are in fact the core structural mounts.

They are made of coated metal, as with most of the structure. The wider of the two boxes contains the chassis platforms, which we will see in a couple of pages time.


Above we can see the three drive cages, 2×3.5 inch and 1×5.25 inch.

We also have the core structural mounts, fan brackets, switches and spare cable, PSU bracket, ample screws, heavy duty rubber feet and the back plate.

MicroCool Banchetto 101 Chassis Review

Package - 9
Features - 9
Build - 9
Consumer Experience - 8.5


Did we like it? Yes, despite its minor issues the chassis is a real showcase in anyone’s den, games room or even office. We are using it as a test rig and for now, nothing can beat it. The ease of access is amazing, allowing for reconfiguration and swapping out parts quickly. You can use this as a chassis for any type of build you want and you will see some of these in modding builds such as desk mods.