Overall Score 3.8  

Thermal Paste

We use Arctic MX-2 for all heatsink cooler tests and in fact we use it for all builds, test or otherwise. We run the AIDA64 Engineer stability test as our burn in programme for thermal paste, which allows the paste to spread out and share the love across the mating surfaces. It is worth doing, we always notice a drop in temperatures even after only 30 minutes of burn in. 

Misc. Software Used

We also installed and calibrated the HEX App software. We used this on the Smart Set configuration throughout all testing.


The HEX App also lets you change the LED colour and check for updates.


Results next and the stock configuration is tested first. As a reminder, this is a 3.3Ghz i7-5820K with the Turbo enabled resulting in a 3.6Ghz load frequency. The Phononic HEX 2.0 has a maximum TDP rating of 140W, which is also the rating of the Intel i7-5820K. We are operating at the top end of the rating for this CPU cooler so the results should be interesting.

X99 CPU cooler Stock Temp 29092016 | amCharts

The Phononic HEX 2.0 manages to post some respectable scores especially when you consider the HEX 2.0 is effectively a 92mm fan CPU cooler. All of the coolers around the HEX on the chart are larger fan setups. Under load the temperature performance is good considering this again, and just generally as CPU cooler performance, it’s keeping the i7-5820K in a good performance window during the conditions of the stress test.

Consumer Experience