Raijintek Aidos CPU Cooler Review

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We recently reviewed the Raijintek Themis CPU Cooler from Raijintek and we liked it. Raijintek have around nine CPU air cooler offerings one of which we have for review today, the Aidos CPU cooler.

Another CPU Direct Contact design; this is a slightly smaller CPU cooler aimed more at the mid-range market or the small form factor segment. Raijintek call this a compact size cooler that is designed to fit most chassis and motherboard combinations. As we said in our Themis review, Raijintek are a relatively new company, established in 2013, and they have an interesting product range.

From the Raijintek website;

AIDOS “Designed in Germany”, is a compact size cooler manufactured by several patents to reach advanced performance, quality and environmental protection. With multiple mounting kits and compact size, AIDOS can fit to most cases/boards, a full package and at a budget price point.


  • Non-Copper base design (C.D.C. – CPU Direct Contact)
  • Patented pressing heat-pipe/fin technology to prevent the risk of heat-pipe damage
  • Patented solder-less louver fin assembly to increase heat-pipe ventilation
  • Green & environmentally friendly with less pollution
  • Compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD at market
  • Anti-Vibration rubber used to minimize movement and noise
  • Incredible performance for price
  • Easy installation and user friendly
  • Dimension [W×D×H] 95×55×136 mm
  • Weight 325 g [Heat Sink Only]
  • Thermal Resistance 0.127 °C/W

Heat Sink

  • Base Material CPU Direct Contact [C.D.C.]
  • Fin Material Aluminium Alloy; Solder-less fins assembly


  • Dimension [W×H×D] 92×92×25 mm
  • Voltage Rating 12V
  • Starting Voltage 7V
  • Speed 1000~2200 RPM [PWM controlled]
  • Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
  • Air Flow 22.1~48.6 CFM
  • Air Pressure 0.73~3.53 mmH2O
  • Life Expectance 40,000 hrs
  • Noise Level 28.87 dBA [Max.]
  • Connector 4 pin with PWM

Socket Compatibility

Compatible with all modern sockets of Intel & AMD. The Aidos is aimed at the full and smaller ATX Form Factor chassis with a consideration to motherboard layout and internal chassis dimensions.

  • LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 CPU
  • FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPU

Product Shots

The styling of Raijintek is similar as you would expect across the range. There is not much excess, it’s functional and to the point.



All fittings above and some spares. You can also fit a second fan if required, nice at this price range.

Raijintek Aidos CPU Cooler Review

Package - 8.4
Performance - 8.9
Price - 10
Consumer Experience - 9


It is a good little performer, and because its a tall cooler with eight heat pipes, you do have a little more confidence it's not cooking your i5 CPU during heavy sessions. Our overclock test was approximately a 20% overclock, not the greatest, but will give you some headway in gaming and applications, without throttling the CPU due to heat, not bad for £14.99.