Reeven Coldwing Series Cooling Fan Review

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We had the Reeven Euros cooling fan review and we liked it, it’s a good fan and makes a difference to your system’s airflow. Now we have the Reeven Coldwing series, namely the Coldwing 12 and Coldwing 14. Just like the Reeven Euros, there are several models in the range, we have the Coldwing 12 RY1225S15B-RP and the Coldwing 14 RM1425S17B-P.

Be sure and check the model numbers are correct before ordering. As we are testing these fans back to back, we are going to be using the same test system and methodology which we will detail later. Reeven have a number of cooling fan ranges to partner their CPU cooler ranges, they also have fan controllers, we’ll be reviewing one shortly. Until then, on with the Reeven Coldwing review.


Model NumberRY1225S15B-RPRM1425S17B-P
Fan Speed300~1500 RPM300~1700 RPM
Fan Air Flow16.6~82.1 CFM16.3~92.4 CFM
Fan Air Pressure0.003~0.067 inch H2O0.002~0.091 inch H2O
Fan DimensionW120 x H120 x D25mmW140 x H140 x D25mm
Fan Noise Level4.0~29.8 dBA5.8~36.4 dBA
Current0.25 Amp0.25 Amp
Bearing TypeSleeve bearingSleeve bearing
Mounting hole dimensionNA105 x 105mm

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Back to the usual Reeven branding after the black and grey of the Reeven Euros fan. In the flesh it’s nice and not too bold a yellow, would really suit a watercooled system with yellow coolant for example.

Reeven Coldwing Series Cooling Fan Review

Package - 7
Performance - 8.5
Price - 8
Consumer Experience - 8.5


The Reeven Coldwing series of fan coolers demonstrated good sound and airflow performances. In fact we would go as far as to say they slightly exceeded expectations. Both fans are PWM and the Reeven Coldwing 14 comes with rubber mounts meaning more fan isolation can be achieved if desired or required.