Overall Score 4  

The Reeven Coldwing 14 fan is next and the airflow performance is just as good if not a little better with all temperatures under good control, especially by the latter stages of the stress test. 

Reeven Coldwing 14 Fan | amCharts

All sensors show slow long changes in temperature and are a couple of degrees lower in general than the stock fan.

The sound performance is equally as good. Lower than the idle sound performance of the stock fan, though to be expected as it is a larger fan, and slightly higher than the stock fan under stress load conditions.

Reeven Coldwing 14Fan sound | amCharts

This is why it’s achieving better than stock results for on the temperature test, the PWM nature of this fan is allowing the motherboard to ramp up the speeds a little to get the airflow going.


The Reeven Coldwing series of fan coolers demonstrated good sound and airflow performances. In fact we would go as far as to say they slightly exceeded expectations. Both fans are PWM and the Reeven Coldwing 14 comes with rubber mounts meaning more fan isolation can be achieved if desired or required.


Reeven Coldwing Fan Series

Both fans can be recommended as good aftermarket fans from the results we have seen, and they are as cheap the Reeven Euros fan. So if you are looking for this type of thing, and you don’t mind the colour scheme, you should try them out.

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