Reeven Euros Cooling Fan Series Review

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There are a lot of components that make up a PC system, some of them are an obvious choice, Graphics cards, CPU etc., and some are not, for example, aftermarket cooling fans. Either for your chassis or if you want to add to your CPU cooler, cooling fans can be a bit of a mystery despite having only one simple task, to move air.

With that said, saying simple is a little objective. These days, most people would like everything all their own way, so fans need to move air, look good, be silent and do all of this while being cheap to buy, ouch. There are some very well-known cooling experts out there, Coolermaster, Noctua and bequiet! There are also some lesser known but equally as dedicated brands such as Phanteks and Reeven. Reeven sent us down a few of their cooling fans and asked us to take a look, and that’s exactly what we did. We will kick off with the Reeven Euros, a 120mm cooling fan that claims silence, long life and anti-shock abilities.


Model NumberRA1225F12C-P
Fan Speed500~1200 RPM
Fan Air Flow18.8~46.4 CFM
Fan Air Pressure0.009~0.049 inch H2O
Fan DimensionW120 x H120 x D25mm
Fan Noise Level9.8~22.3 dBA
Current0.20 Amp
Bearing TypeFDB bearing

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Reeven Euros Cooling Fan

You are not going to get a lot in the way of contents or accessories with a cooling fan, though the Reeven Euros does come with some rubber mounts for vibration isolation. That’s about it because there isn’t much else that’s needed. The fan has a PWM header for a more intelligent power management from the motherboard and the fan motor is a Fluid Dynamic Bearing type made by Sony Corp. This should help the motor with long life and silent operation.

Reeven Euros Cooling Fan Series Review

Package - 7
Performance - 8
Price - 8
Consumer Experience - 8


Fans are hard to test, there are so many variables and impacting factors. Also, it's a subjective view when it comes to sound performance, and though we used a digital meter, end-user tolerance can vary. We also haven't spoken about how this fan looks, it is not the usual Reeven yellow and black, but a more anonymous colour scheme which we quite like.