Overall Score 3.9  

Next, we fit both fans, and though there are not real clearance issues with the chipset heatsink, it’s getting a little close. It all fits in the end though with no compromises. We had to adjust the front mounted fan is it did get a little close to the inner DDR4 module, though again, it was acceptable with no compromises. This was due to the small space between the front and back fan structure.

Once both fans were installed in their optimum position, we did notice the front fan was a little higher, though both fans could be moved to match and they are still in full line of sight for airflow of the heatsink and each other. You can be the judge, but inside a chassis we don’t think you will notice if you need extra fan height due to memory compatibility.

Test Setup

Test Platformi7 LGA2011-v3
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64-bit
ProcessorIntel i7-5820K
MotherboardAsus Rampage V Extreme
GraphicsMSI GTX 970 GAMING Twin Frozr V
Memory16Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400Mhz @2666Mhz
DrivesCrucial BX100 500Gb SSD
PSUCorsair HX1000i
ChassisMicroCool Banchetto 101

We tested the Scythe Fuma using our standard i7 LGA2011-v3 setup. We test two configurations, stock at 3.3Ghz/3.6Ghz with Turbo and overclocked at 4.4Ghz. We keep the CPU Turbo setting enabled for both stock and overclocked configurations, however this would only be in effect with the stock test due to the way we overclocked the CPU using the multiplier.

Consumer Experience