Overall Score 3.9  


Results next and the stock configuration is tested first. As a reminder, this is a 3.3Ghz i7-5820K with the Turbo enabled resulting in a 3.6Ghz load frequency.

On the face of it the Fuma has a very similar temperature performance to the Dark Rock Pro 3, and that’s a good cooler, though a little fiddly to fit.

X99 CPU cooler Stock Temp 30082016 | amCharts

X99 CPU cooler Stock Dbs 30082016 | amCharts

The sound performance is in a similar position of the chart but if you look at the detail, the delta in sound performance between the Reeven Okeanos and the Scythe Mugen MAX is only 3 decibel. All the cooler perform well from a sound performance point of view so the results from the Fuma are not too bad at all. In fact, the delta between idle and load for the Fuma is less than a decibel.

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