Overall Score 3.9  

Overclocking next and as a reminder, this is a 4.4Ghz i7-5820K overclock using the multiplier with no extra volts. There is an immediate change in the behavior of the Scythe Fuma moving from the lower third for stock temperature results to a much more respectable position on the chart, and that’s just the idle temperature.

If you look at the load performance, in reality the Scythe Fuma is third for overclocking thermal performance, and that’s good going. Let’s hope the decibels don’t take a pounding.

X99 CPU OC Temps 30082016 | amCharts

X99 CPU OC Db 30082016 | amCharts

The decibels appear to have come through the 4.4Ghz overclocking stress test intact. With an idle sound performance of 34.5 decibels that puts the Fuma right in the middle of the table, and with load performance of 42.1 decibels, it is still not bad going, especially when you consider it is a two fan cooler and it performs so well in the overclocking temperature test.


Another decent CPU cooler from Scythe and this one sets itself apart from the other Scythe coolers with an above average overclocking performance. Not that the others were too bad, it’s just the Fuma is much better in that department. It’s also relatively cheap and almost in the price range of a stock cooler replacement, so if you wanted to spend a little more for your stock replacement, the Fuma will give some high end performance for a low price. That’s almost the sweet spot for any computer component.

There isn’t much to dislike, maybe a screwdriver could have been included, but that may have driven the price up a little. Our main complaint would be memory compatibility for some chipsets, though only a minor gripe as the fans can be re-positioned.


Scythe Fuma CPU Cooler

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