Overall Score 3.8  

Lastly, the Kama Cross 3 redeems it’s poor overclocking performance with another excellent sound performance, this time for the overclocked test. The cooler shows a marginal increase at idle and third place for load conditions. That would help to explain the poor overclocked temperature performance as possibly down to a few tweaks required to help it along a bit. It is a good result and one we are a little relieved about.

X99 CPU OC Db ref 29062016 | amCharts


The Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 has had some revisions to keep the performance up to date, and they have worked mostly. We understand that our cooling tests are designed to show an “out of the box” experience and this creates the objective and static baseline, but it also highlights understanding possible latent performance in a cooler.

The Kama Cross 3 is a competent cooler, and looks really good too. With memory and CPU area clearance sorted too, the Kama Cross 3 gives you an extra couple of reasons to buy one over the other standard looking single and dual fan tower coolers. We think that Scythe fans would be satisfied with this cooler and non Scythe fans would be too. If you are looking for a CPU cooler that sets itself apart from the rest, the Kama Cross 3 does that, and with this possible untapped latent performance waiting for you to unlock, it’s a very good cooler for the money.


Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3

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