Overall Score 4.1  

Lastly we have the 3DMark Professional UHD Fire Strike Ultra test. Fire Strike Ultra raises the rendering resolution to 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD), drawing four times as many pixels per frame as Fire Strike.

3DMark Pro UHD - Reference 12072016 | amCharts

The Fire Strike Ultra test states 3Gb of video memory is required, however we managed to run it with the 2Gb of the Sapphire ITX R380. As you would expect, the results reflected this completely.


We don’t want to like a card that doesn’t give a million FPS and have 16Gb of VRAM with triple fans, but we do. The Sapphire ITX Compact Radeon R9 380 is another surprise and with four monitor capability and decent gaming performance, it goes a little further than Minesweeper on your ITX system.

With some truly superb gaming performance on a small form factor layout, you need to look at this card for your next build or upgrade. The R9 Nano is out there too, but it’s about three times the cost, and we don’t think you’ll want to spend that on one component of an ITX build. The Sapphire ITX Compact Radeon R9 380 will play a lot of your games in 1080p, maybe with some of the visual toys turned off, and sometimes not. We would be lying if we did not recommend this.


Sapphire ITX Compact Radeon R9 380

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