Overall Score 4.1  

The Sapphire ITX Radeon R9 R380  is a perfect match for the Lian Li PC-Q21 Mini Tower  pictured below. 

Sapphire ITX Radeon R9 R380

Test Setup

We are testing with our X99 set up supporting DDR4, 2011-3 Socket CPU and some serious power and bandwidth for the GPU to play with. All updates to the Operating System, games and synthetic benchmarks are assumed, and a full defragmentation on the SSD after a fresh install before any benches are carried out. We will be testing in 1080p and UHD resolutions using the ViewSonic VP2780-4K 27-Inch UltraHD IPS Monitor.

Default driver settings were used for synthetic and gaming tests, we only changed the game settings to push the resolutions, we maintained the Ultra quality settings throughout. All game tests have the game settings screenshot included.

The games and synthetic benchmarks are fully patched as well, though they may change the net performance from time to time, only the fundamentally flawed games or apps would have a significant performance jump when patched, and we don’t use them for testing. Also, Futuremarks’ systeminfo needs to be fully up to date before you can call a benchmark result valid.

Our Charts

We use charts to describe the benchmark results. These use colours that can often be similar or even different shades of each colour. If this becomes hard to read, you can click on any of the legend entries on the chart to remove it, or if removed, to add it back in.

Testing Methodology

All synthetic and gaming tests are carried out several times with the best result taken. If the test is an online multiplayer, the same map is used each time and a ping constantly under 30ms is required before a test is valid. We always try synthetic and real world tests, for graphics cards, there is no better real world test than gaming.

Synthetic Tests

Real World Tests

  • Battlefield 4
  • Crysis 3
  • Alien Isolation
  • Batman: Arkham Origins

4K UHD Tests

We have introduced a couple of newer games into our testing cycle, Alien Isolation and Batman: Arkham Origins, Doom and The Division, some excellent game titles. We didn’t test the Sapphire ITX Radeon R9 380 with all the new tests, though we may retest the Sapphire ITX R9 380 in future reviews with all game tests.

If you have a game you would like to see tested, post a comment. We always run the benchmarks several times, taking the best results and recording them on the graphs, and only with the minimum diagnostic software running to capture the results.

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