Overall Score 4.1  

Before we get onto the gaming results we have 3DMark Professional. The results are better than expected you’ll need to agree, the Sapphire ITX R380 comes in last for all tests but makes a good go of it.

3D Mark Pro - Reference 12072016 | amCharts

Gaming next, and Battlefield 4 up first. Battlefield 4 has a matured graphics engine and it is not really phased by any drivers or graphics cards, it should maximize your hardware and set you up for lots of online killing!

bf4 1080p

BF4 GPU - Reference 12072016 | amCharts

Battlefield 4 absolutely hammered the Sapphire ITX R380 which was a bit of a surprise. Battlefield 4 usually runs well, with over 200 FPS for the high end cards, the Sapphire ITX R380 possibly couldn’t handle the “Ultra” video preset.

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