Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory Review

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Today we review the Avexir Raiden Series Green Tesla 2666MHz DDR4 Memory 16GB Kit. There are a lot of DDR4 kits on the market and they vary greatly in speeds, capacity, and design. If you want something a little visually different, Avexir have their Raiden Series using world exclusive patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect. Our samples for review today are two Green Tesla 2666MHz 8Gb modules, totalling 16Gb in Dual Channel configuration. They’re not just nice to look at, Avexir state their high-quality memory modules pass 16 handpicked AIST (Avexir Ic Sorting Technology) processes by using 10 layers performance optimized design printed circuit board and industrial grade resistors and capacitors.

They are unusual looking modules and have some thought put into the visual effects, it’s not just a resistor and an LED, Avexir use patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect it’s really cool looking, seriously.

SeriesRaiden Series Green Tesla
Form FactorUnbuffered DIMM
Number of DIMMs(2 x 8GB)
DIMM ColourBlack PCB
HeatsinkBlack and Green Heatspreader
WarrantyLifetime limited warranty

The Avexir Raiden Series Green Tesla memory on test has a speed of 2666MHz, it’s not the fastest DDR4 out there but not the slowest either. It does have, what we would consider decent timings, 15-15-15-35, slightly tighter than some of the 3Ghz memory kits available.

Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory Review

Package - 8.5
Performance - 7
Price - 7
Consumer Experience - 8.5


There’s two ways to look at the Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 Kit, looks and performance. Sometimes you get both with memory, though it’s all a bit subjective normally. Firstly, performance and it’s not bad. The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla 16Gb kit only really suffered from being a Dual Channel kit. With tight timings and low latency, the Avexir Raiden Green Tesla won’t be lagging behind memory of a similar speed rating. In fact, if you loosen off the timings, you may achieve some good overclocking without having poor memory timings.