Overall Score 3.8  

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The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla Series main party trick is in the appearance. A tall DIMM, it features plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect and is very striking in appearance. The packaging is an event too, it is very well presented.

The DIMMs pins are protected with a flexible plastic strip, just like a graphics card. There are also thin plastic films over the lower areas to protect from scratches as well.

The Avexir Raiden Green Tesla is a “Limited Special Customised Model” and we have no news on their general availability or numbers. We have seen them on Amazon and other online stores though, so they are out there just now.

The outer cover is plastic and covers the internal setup that powers the plasma tubes. It’s not a simple light, it takes a little more to create the effect without ramping up the DIMMs volts. 

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