Overall Score 3.6  

We have combined the gaming tests into one results table based on the average FPS. The game tests were run at max/ultra game setting and default Nvidia driver settings. As this is a motherboard review, we kept these tests to 1080p to balance GPU, CPU and motherboard activities.

Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming Games 17918 | amCharts

Reducing the resolution and quality does give a raw FPS view for non-GPU components, but all aspects of a system contribute to the scores, not just a CPU. Though we find the raw scores useful, we have moved towards a typical end user experience.


A solid performer from Gigabyte, though an unnecessary upgrade for some, it keeps you on the Intel upgrade path, a bumpy and dangerous (for your bank balance) path. The motherboard is a good product let down but a light touch bundle and the biggest issue for us, this is Gigabyte Rev.01, or Revision 1. Gigabyte has been doing this for years, and for anyone who runs out and gets a Gigabyte motherboard at its launch and doesn’t know this, it can be very frustrating. The differences are not massive, but they may be the features you want, need, or just want to brag about.

It’s almost as bad as Nvidia 3Gb GTX 1060 branding, same product, same branding, but specification small print that means you are probably not getting the product you are looking for.

The revision 1 is still a solid performer, and if you pick one up, it will work well, probably very well for your needs. It’s let down by branding and included accessories, but not by its performance.

Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard

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