Overall Score 4.2  

The PWM CPU cooler fan header is only one of two fan headers on this motherboard. Not a lot when you consider this will probably be installed in a small chassis where airflow must be adequately managed ensuring performance and long component life. Two headers is a little slim for this job, unless you have, and don’t mind, fan power splitters.


The PSU main connector is in a good place, at the top right of the motherboard and with little else to obstruct it. The memory slots have clips at both sides, so it may get a little tricky to get your fingers in once installed. USB 3.0 front panel header is also in this side of the motherboard.


Further down we have the other end of the memory slots, and they are very close to the PCIe slot used for graphics. The SATA headers are here as well, though shouldn’t pose a space issue when installing the cables. There are a further two SATA headers further down, next to the simple southbridge heatsink. We liked the simple design of the heatsink and easy to remove if you want to use your preferred thermal paste.


Bottom left, the second PWM fan header, the PCIe slots and most of the front panel connectors. Also, the Realtek audio chip, the ITE I/O controller and the Dual BIOS.


It all looks pretty much well laid out. We don’t really have any complaints except for the amount of fan headers, and you could argue, the lack of a M2 slot.

Next, the BIOS

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