Overall Score 4.1  

The underside has a vent at the front, this allows the fan to pull air in across the internal drive bays before exiting on the rear of the case. We will be using two Samsung HD103UJ 1Tb drives for this test. We have placed them side by side for a size comparison.

The two Samsung HD103UJ 1Tb drives are physically much smaller than the Asustor AS3102T, so we do not have any real worries that the drives will have any airflow restriction. The physical height of the Asustor AS3102T is down to the motherboard dimensions, as we will see below.

Internal Shots

Call us creatures of habit but there’s nothing like a hardware strip down! Everything is easy to open and disassemble, though make sure you are not voiding your warranty when doing so. Internally the AS3102T is dominated by the drive bays. It’s like a mini PC underneath, not sure why NASes don’t come with side windows or clear external cases.

Consumer Experience