Overall Score 4.4 Buy it, use it, enjoy it.

Gaming Pad

The Gaming Pad itself? Well, I am glad I went for the medium, it is a very nice sized mat and around a third larger than a regular mouse mat. Any larger and it would probably start to roll up against various desk items, and I have a large computer desk!

There are no instructions which may seem normal but I would have preferred to know how to care for the fabric, if I can wash it or what cleaners not to use, that kind of thing. It does feel like a quality product and with its non-slip underbelly and slip surface up top, it does mean you can position with confidence; it’s not going to move around. The top is fabric, smooth and it defiantly feels like a quality material.


I earlier commented on the product received and its differences to the product codes and imagery.  The received gaming pad is identical to the Goliathus Alpha Control Fragged Gaming Surface and not similar to the product images on the Razer website for the Speed Fragged Gaming Pad.



I would imagine it’s made of the same material and with the same philosophy so you could probably apply to any of the gaming mats Razer offer? I am not going to knock it, the mat is superb. I know I have jumped from a shiny desk to a gaming mouse mat but I can still see the thought and quality in this product.


The size allows for around 30% more movement before lifting the mouse up and re positioning. It probably won’t seem an issue because its second nature to anyone with a smaller mat, but it’s a lifesaver on a Battlefield map and it could allow you to reduce your mouse speed allowing for a greater control over a longer range.