Overall Score 4.4 Buy it, use it, enjoy it.

More Gaming Pad and Conclusion

You can roll this material up and it is surprisingly flexible when not flat on your desk, so it’s not going to rest on your knee, it needs a solid flat surface.

The Razer Goliathus mats are around £20 – £30 depending on the size and supplier you purchase from. It seems a lot for the mat when you consider you can get the normal blue top generic mats from around £3 from almost anywhere!


It’s almost 5 to 10 times the cost of a cheapo product and that may put some people off, but I do think it has improved my gaming, my satisfaction when using my PC for most things and something to be proud of at a LAN Party.

No wrist issues, just a comfortable grippy, smooth and attractive Razer Goliathus Gaming mat.




There isn’t too much to say about gaming mats, or surfaces/pads as they are now called. There is a lot to say about the philosophy in the Razer Goliathus Speed Fragged Gaming Pad despite its slightly confusing product codes and imagery.


It may be more expensive than generic mats but it’s a nicely designed and developed product that has taken the doubt out of setting up my mouse and given confidence and stability during gaming.I no longer need to buy the generic mouse mats only to discover I truly loathe them anyway. I would have preferred some care instructions as I can imagine the mat will stain or mark, but other than that it’s a pretty flawless gaming pad. There isn’t much more to say, buy it, use it, enjoy it.