Overall Score 4.3  

PCMark08 up next. We only used the storage benchmark in PCMark08 which we ran three times taking the best results. We achieved a score of 4963 with a storage bandwidth 249.27 MB/s, which is excellent. We have broken the results down into Microsoft, Adobe and gaming, and lower times are better for this test.

Crucial BX100 500Gb PCMark08 Microsoft | amCharts

BX100 500GB PCMark08 Gaming | amCharts

Next we have the PCMark08 Adobe results.

BX100 500GB PCMark08 Adobe | amCharts

Pretty good all round and coupled with the 500Gb size, this is a good workstation SSD.


We found this drive on Amazon for £134.99 and Scan are currently selling this for £146.09. Both prices are a nice step below the competitors for a similar 500Gb sized SSD. We have been pretty impressed with the performance on this SSD in single drive configuration and when you consider it against the Crucial MX100 256Gb SSD we reviewed earlier, it’s no snail. Though we have used a faster and more capable CPU this time round, it is still an eye opener for the entry model to be performing so well.


You won’t get much in the way of contents in the box, so make sure you have everything required to mount these to your rig, or even give your laptop a new lease of life.

Final Thoughts

A nice release all round, if you don’t want to feel like you are on a budget for performance, have a look at the BX range from Crucial. There are a couple of differences such as missing hardware encryption, so be sure you read the specifications before you purchase. We don’t think you will be disappointed if you do.

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