Overall Score 3.8  

The 480Gb is single sided, making space for the 960Gb version which will use up the flip side and also add in another 512Mb of cache.

Crucial BX200 480Gb

Below is the  Silicon Motion SM2256 w/ Custom Firmware and the 512Mb cache modules.  The controller has the usual thermal pad to move some heat away during heavy load.

Crucial BX200 480Gb

Test Set Up

All synthetic tests are carried out three times with the best result taken. We used the various softwares own test count settings, so for example CrystalMarkx64 we ran the test count at nine, but repeated this three times.

Synthetic Tests

We will run through our usual set of tests, we didn’t test on an Intel Z170 Chipset motherboard as we did for the Crucial MX200 500Gb SSD review.

Consumer Experience