Overall Score 4.5  


Solid State Drives are common place now and we are several generations ahead of the initial release examples. If you have a mid to high end system you will most likely have an SSD in your rig. SSD’s are maturing into mainstream components and genuinely no longer a toy for the wealthy, the benefits can now be had for all.

Sizes are still small however, but the pound or dollar per gigabyte is coming down and there has never been a better time to jump into SSD ownership. You won’t get a 4Tb version, but you will get up to 1Tb specifications though at a premium.

Crucial have been memory manufacturers for years now and they have a big product catalogue to browse. They are also a common name when considering components for any PC build, so many of you will be familiar with them, or will have owned one of their products. We are going to look at the Crucial MX100 256Gb Solid State Drive today and put it through a series of synthetic and real world tests. So with a popular and widely appreciated brand coupled with a decent sized 256Gb Solid State Drive, let’s see what it can offer.

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If this is your first step into Solid State Drives, don’t be worried, there is not much more usually shipped with an SSD! Crucial provide the basics and there is not much more needed. The drive is metal, nice compared to some cheaper SSD’s and the packaging seems complete.