Overall Score 4.5  

This is the final IOMeter result we have and showing very small file handling in MB’s, higher is better.

MX100 256Gb IOMeter MB/s | amCharts

We only used the storage benchmark in PCMark08 which we ran three times taking the best results. We achieved a score of 4488 with a storage bandwidth 107.16 MB/s. We have broken the results down into Microsoft, Adobe and gaming, and lower times are better for this test.

copy of Crucial MX100 256Gb SSD PCMark 8 | amCharts

Crucial MX100 256Gb SSD PCMark 8 Gaming | amCharts

Crucial MX100 256Gb SSD PCMark 8 | amCharts

The MX100 256GB shows good single disc performance unless you are a heavy Photoshop user.


Crucial offer this as a low cost but high performance and packed feature set SSD and we would agree. The price in the UK of the MX100 256Gb at the time of publication is as low as £80, putting it in amongst the 240Gb class for price.


With Christmas on its way there is sure to be a price drop or sales and someone will pick up a bargain with excellent price point performance with one of these SSD’s. You won’t get much in the way of contents in the box, so make sure you have everything required to mount these to your rig, or even give your laptop a new lease of life, highly recommended.