Overall Score 3.8  

Unfortunately our sample seemed to be contaminated with finger oils on the paper stickers, so we could not easily see the chips used, but we have included them anyway for reference.

The M.2 connector; make sure you have this on your motherboard before purchase, it doesn’t fit anywhere else.


The M.2 connector is just like installing memory, only weirder.

Testing Set Up

All synthetic tests are carried out three times with the best result taken.

Synthetic Tests

First up, CrystalMarkx64. We set the bench to run three times with nine passes each, we then took the highest result.

Samsung SM951 512GB Crystal Mark x64 | amCharts

Stunningly impressive results, but no where near the 2,150MB/s Seq Read specification. The Seq Write is on the money, still a stunning performer.

Consumer Experience