ADATA DashDrive HV620 1TB Review

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My Engineering Economics professor once said people are basically illogical when it comes to the value of money. For example, while most people will be willing to go half a mile to a nearby store to save $5 on a $10 box of chocolate, the same person will not bother heading next door to save $5 on a $2000 piece of furniture. Yes, the first scenario indicates a massive 50% variance, while the latter represents a miniscule 0.25% savings — but what difference does it make, considering the fact you are saving $5 in both cases regardless? Five dollars is five dollars, no matter what it is relative to. In my opinion, this logical fallacy not only applies to money, but to many other things as well. Recently, I got down to 350GB of free space on my file server, and immediately began to panic.