Angelbird SSD WRK SSD

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The WRK line of solid-state storage units is actually a bit faster than most high-end drives made of NAND chips (Synchronous MLC) yet, is intended as the more affordable SSD series within their lineup. The SSDs are rated with a whopping 560 MB/s sequential read, running over the all too familiar SATA 6.0 Gbps connection interface. Interestingly however, a relatively unknown controller from Silicon Motion is being used. And as our results will show you, this controller can compete just fine. There is a ‘but’ though, and that will be write performance. See, Angelbird would like to offer a more competitive product price wise on the market, and as such, less components means reduced costs. Only 4 NAND ICs are needed for this product for the 128GB model (eight on the 256 GB model), so while the read performance is exceptionally good, less memory NAND channels means compromise in write performance. And that will be the achilles heel on the smaller volume WRK SSDs.


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