Birthday Giveaway – Inkubus turns 3

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Our birthday, your presents! It has been three years since we founded Inkubus in the summer of 2014 – with the goal of making the PC fancy for office and living room. We are still pursuing this goal today as on the first day.

We would like to celebrate such a special occasion with you and therefore organize a giveaway with the following prizes:

  • The Main Prize is an Inkubus 300µ Korpus (bare chassis including LED-button and two mobile racks), white with a black edge, in collaboration with ars formandi.
  • The second and third prize are a NH-L9 CPU cooler from our partner since the beginning, Noctua. You can choose between Intel and AMD sockets.
  • The fourth prize: A Merch-Set from ASRock, containing a shirt (size L), two posters, three pens and six sticker.

Participation is easy: fill in the contact form with your name, e-mail address and country of origin. We would be glad if you also tell us what you are using your current PC for mainly. Party on! We look forward to your participation… Link