Cooler Master Storm Devastator Review

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Today’s review unit of the CM Storm Devastator arrived via UPS Standard to our headquarters here in Calgary, AB. This unit came from Cooler Master’s American offices down in Chino, California. As you may have recalled in the SilverStone Precision PS10 review, Chino is situated in what you might dub the Greater Los Angeles area. Looking at the package sent to us, you might think it is strange Cooler Master did not have a good box to send it in. Rather than sending us a single box, they taped two smaller cardboard containers together, and threw the Cooler Master Storm Devastator inside. You might call this odd, but I think this is quite resourceful, especially if they actually were out of shipment cartons. Luckily, there is no immediate damage to the outside containers, which means UPS did a good job in bringing us our product. I pulled out my scissors, and got to opening up the two boxes.