Corsair AX1500i PSU review

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So as 80plus certification board you just gotta figure, power supplies will not get any better then Platinum, right ? But yeah, we are talking about the technology sector, and the tech industry will always improve to remain competitive. So as an organization what do you do when hardware and technology advanced to even higher efficiency levels ? That’s right, you grab the periodic table, close you eyes and boom … you hit Titanium :) Not sorted by Atomic number at all. Ah well, perhaps after Titanium we will see a Chromium or oooh-ooh … a Vanadium certification, hehe.

As such today we review the beast amongst the beasts of power supplies — it is time my fellow gurus to review the Mighty Mo — the Corsair Professional Series AX1500i PSU. The 1500W PSU is exorbitant performance, the one massive 125A 12-volts says it all really. Superb for multi-GPU solutions and hardcore enthusiasts that overclock their systems with liquid nitrogen, and then some. Corsair also embeds their LINK technology into the PSU. That means you can monitor the PSU with the help of software, things like PSU efficiency, power usage or simply to adjust the fan RPM. We’ll show you that in the review though as the latest iteration of the software also allows you to configure some of the voltage rails.


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