Datacolor Spyder4PRO Review

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In the beginning of the Fall semester last year, I was hanging out in the Electrical Engineering homeroom, playing some foosball with my friend. As we bounced goals off each other during a relatively fast paced game, a group of four individuals dropped by, and one of them asked if we were any good at foosball. “I will challenge both of you guys one on two,” he said in an intimating manner. Being in the faculty of engineering for the last few years, it is always wise to assume a bit of humility in this regard, because there are some guys that just strikingly amazing. “We are okay at foosball,” I replied. My friend and I took our bars, and the ball was dropped. In a little less than four minutes, he was completely defeated. Thinking it was just his luck, he decided to challenge me one on one. His friends began to snicker, and told him he was messing with the wrong people.