EVGA Hadron Air review

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We review the cutest and most tiny chassis from EVGA, the recently introduced Hadron Air. A small mini-ITX form factor chassis that will house the smallest, but also the biggest stuff inside your computer. Heck even a high-end graphics card can even be installed. So yeah, it ain’t mid, not full but mini and is intended for small form factor PCs. The Hadron, ladies and gents, is 305mm in height and 169mm in width and that makes the EVGA Hadron chassis small, it’s probably the smallest chassis we’ve tested to date. Ah yes, then there is that name, Hadron. As in the Hadron Collider, where small particles create rather big explosions? We like that. It is an interesting release from EVGA alright as slowly they have moved from an all graphics card selling company towards a total PC solution, graphics cards, gaming peripherals, motherboards, coolers and now chassis as well.


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